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West Frederick Farmers Market LTD 

Frederick Farmers Market 

Rules and Regulations  

January 2024 

The Frederick Farmers Market (subsidiary of West Frederick Farmers Market LTD) is a  regional, Producer Only market with an emphasis on agricultural products. The aim of  the market is to meet the needs and expectations of our customers with the appropriate mix  of agriculture, value added crafts and prepared food vendors.


Producer Only, means that Frederick Farmers Market, only accepts vendors who grow, raise or  produce the products they are selling. There will be occasional excep+ons to the Producer Only rule in order to provide a more complete shopping experience for the consumer.  In addition to constraints and compliances required by regulatory agencies that oversee the  growing, raising, processing and preserving of their products, vendors will also abide by the  Market’s own Producer Only definitions and guidelines 


Definition of Producer Only:  

For Frederick Farmers Market it means a producer is defined as grower, harvester, baker, value added manufacturer, prepared food maker or craftsperson. The goods produced must meet the guidelines as follows: 

a. All producers must comply with all federal, state and local health and safety ordinances. Producers must have all proper licenses and inspections completed prior to selling at market. It is the vendors responsibility to maintain records of compliance with these guidelines as well as provide copies of licenses and inspections reports to West Frederick Farmers Market LTD. 

b. Producers shall strive to sell only products of the highest quality and freshness in keeping with the markets desired image. 


Producer Guidelines: 


Vegetables and Fruit 


a. Annual crops: grown from seed, cutting or bulb on the farm; or grown from plug in the ground/planter on the farm for at least 15 days. 

b. Perennial crops: harvested from established plants that have been in the ground on the farm for at least 4 months.


Flowers, Plants and Herbs 


a. Cut flowers: grown from seed, cutting or bulb on the farm; grown from a plug and in the  ground/planter on the farm for at least 30 days. 

b. Annual seedlings: grown from seed, cutting or bulb on the farm: grown from plug in the  ground/planter on the farm for at least 15 days. 

c. Perennial plants and Herbs: grown from seed, cutting or bulb on the farm: or grown from plug  in the ground/planter on the farm for at least 45 days.


Meat and Eggs 


a. Eggs: layers must be raised on the farm from hatching or for at least 30 days prior to the sale  of their first eggs. 

b. Chicken/Turkeys: must be raised on the farm from three days old or less 

c. Pork/Lamb/Goat: must be raised on the farm from birth, or for at least 3 months prior to  processing and sale. 

d. Beef: must be raised on the farm from birth, or for at least 6 months prior to processing and  sale. 


Honey and other Bee Products 


Honey must be from the beekeeper’s own hives, but may be processed and bottled off farm.  The vendor must provide the name, address and telephone number of the processing facility.  Bee keeper must also have the relevant license information. Processing must comply with local health and safety ordinances.  


Value-Added Products 


These are products which have been made out of raw ingredients into something with added  valve. They include, but are not limited to, baked goods, preserves, pickles, granola, soap, salsa,  sauces, mustard, vinegar, wine/beer, candles, oils, coffee and cheese.


To be considered Producer  Only, the vendor must either; 

a. Make the product themselves using purchased raw ingredients. 

b. Have the product made from the producers own raw ingredients 

c. Make the product themselves using their own raw ingredients.  

Producers of value-added products must provide the name, address and telephone number of  the facility where their products were produced, as well any relevant licenses. Processing must  comply with local health and safety ordinances.


Prepared Foods 


 Any foods and beverages that are intended to be consumed by the purchaser at time of purchase. Prepared food vendors may produce saleable items out of raw ingredients or assemble ready-made ingredients into edible form. Prepared food vendors must comply with all local health and safety ordinances, as well as any taxation requirements. 


Arts and Crafts 


 Arts and crafts must be created by the vendor from raw material. Reselling of any kind is prohibited. Vendor is responsible for any necessary licensing and taxation requirements. 

Exceptions to the Producer Only Guidelines 


Exceptions to the Producer Only Guidelines


Occasionally, Frederick  Farmers market, will grant exceptions when doing so will enhance the shopping of the customer. The exceptions are good for only one season.  The vendor must re-apply for an exception every year. 


General Rules


1. All vendors must apply each season to participate in the market for the year. There are no automatic renewals.

2. All vendors must allow inspections of their premises by West Frederick Farmers Market LTD. 

3. All vendors must display a sign identifying the name and location of the farm or business.  A price for each item for sale must also     be displayed.

4. All producers are responsible for the cleanliness of their selling areas.  They agree to keep the market free from debris generated     by market activity, and to remove such debris from the premises by the end of the market day.

5. Complaints against any product must be directed to the Market Manager, who will bring the complaint to FFM board. Complaint         resolution is the responsibility of the Market board and their determination is final.

6. Frederick Farmers Market reserves the right to cancel the approval of any producer's membership.  

7. All producers must secure their tents with weights of 30 lbs or more, attached to each leg or group of legs by non-elastic strap.  Tent legs may be staked into the ground if not on hard surface; these legs must have at least 10 lbs weight per leg. 

8. You may not participate in another Saturday Frederick City/County farmers market unless approved by FFM Board.


Hours of Operation 


Frederick Farmers Market is open on Saturdays from 10:00 am until 1:00 pm. The season starts on the last Saturday in April and ends on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Producers need to be in place  by 9:30 am and must stay in place until the end of market. No vehicles will be permitted access into  the market after 9:30 am. Late arrivals may still participate in the market but must hand carry all  products into the market area. No selling before 10:00 am or as directed by Market Manager .

The market is a rain or shine market. Rain Rules may apply for an earlier start on inclement weather days.


Market Fees 


1. Application fees. Application fees are stated on the application and may change each year.

2. All fees, both for seasonal, daily, or occasional vendors, must be paid by start of first seasonal market in April. Current fees are stated on the application each year.  In the case of late admissions, fees must be made prior to attendance at the market  

3. Seasonal Vendors must notify FFM with a start and finish date. Occasional Vendors must adhere to their submitted list of dates. Dates may be added but must be payed in advance attendance. If a vendor plans on being absent, they must notify the market manager at least one day in advance.  Occasionally circumstances arise, in this event every effort must be made to give notice of absence by text or phone to the market manager.

Liability Insurance


All vendors are required to purchase their own liability insurance. The minimum amount is one million dollars.  Each vendor must provide a certificate of insurance before the first day of the market season to participate.

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