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Just Amazing Cafe

Owner:  Deana White

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Hello All

Hello and welcome all to this truly one of a kind plant-based baking experience. We are JA Cafe! This idea was born in our nation's capitol and is the brainchild of Headbaker/Co-Owner, Deanna White and General Manager/Co-Owner, Tyreek Jenkins.

Ever heard of a dairy allergy? Neither did we, that is until we started dating. Soon it became quite obvious that life had robbed us of our delicious baked treats. That is unless we made a choice. A choice to bake ourselves vegan sweets! Trust they aren't exactly your traditional vegan snacks. These will burst a button on those jeans!

Come join us as our love for food and sugary treats leads us to create the best in dairy-free desserts.


Selling:  Vegan-cookies, scones, bundt cakes, cinnamon rolls

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