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General Warfield's Coffee

Owners:  John and Onome Warfield


At the heart of General Warfield’s Coffee is a love story:

John and Onome Warfield, two souls bound by an enduring passion for each other and for the world's finest arabica coffee.

Rooted in History, Brewed with Passion

At the heart of General Warfield’s Coffee lies more than just a love story and great brews—it's also deeply connected to Maryland's rich history. Located in the heartland of Civil War tales, our origins are intertwined with the resilient spirit of Marylanders and generals who once tread the same grounds. Just as Maryland stood firm during tumultuous times, we too faced challenges, united by love and bound by an unyielding passion for the world's finest arabica coffee.

Drawing inspiration from our surroundings, every roast is reminiscent of the deep historical roots we're grounded in. Our location isn’t just a place—it’s a testament to our story, our resilience, and our commitment to excellence. As you savor each sip of General Warfield’s Coffee, take a moment to reflect on the rich tapestry of tales, both old and new, that are encapsulated in every cup.

Our journey began during a trip to East Africa in January 2020, eventually inspiring us to form General Warfield's Coffee and source high-altitude specialty beans while upholding our belief in sustainability and ethical practices. Despite being separated by borders and a pandemic, our resilience, focus, and dedication mirrored the qualities of our brand. We like to think every bean is a testament to our story, ensuring you receive the aromatic essence and palatable journey of the finest 100% arabica specialty-grade coffee.

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